Grapes have benefits for male metabolic syndrome patients

Grapes have benefits for male metabolic syndrome patients

Men with metabolic syndrome could benefit from eating grapes, according to a new study.

Researchers claim grapes promote heart heath, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation in males.

Dr Maria Luz Fernandez, principal investigator, commented: "These results suggest that consuming grapes can improve important risk factors associated with heart disease, in a population that is already at higher risk."

It is believed that benefits are brought about by polyphenols, which are natural components of grapes.

Polyphenols have already been identified as holding benefits for multiple diseases, including cancer.

In 2004 a study found that the components could hold potential as a means by which to reduce tumour size in the prostate.

Men that drank tea rich in polyphenols were found to have slower cancel proliferation.

Apple peels have also been found to hold polyphenols, further adding to research exposing the benefits of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

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