Govt to roll out new dementia strategy

Govt to roll out new dementia strategy

The manner with which dementia patients are cared for in the UK is set to be refreshed and updated as part of a new strategy.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt confirmed the news this week, as the five-year scheme rolled out by Labour in 2009 draws to a close in April this year.

As part of the new plans, some 17 recommendations were submitted to illustrate how the government wants the NHS, local councils and other bodies to improve care for individuals who are living with the condition.

Among these were plans to improve awareness and understanding of the illness, as well as a move to ensure early diagnosis and support.

Commenting on the move, the Alzheimer's Society said dementia is a "major health challenge", which costs more than heart disease and cancer combined.

The body added: "When facing a problem of this scale, it is essential to set out future ambitions and allocate necessary funding to deliver real change for people with dementia and their carers."