Get a good nights' sleep this Christmas

Get a good nights' sleep this Christmas

With Christmas just two days away, older adults across the country may be lying awake at night mentally going over Christmas lists and finances.

However, losing out on sleep can cause Britons to feel unwell and could ruin the big day.

To ensure that individuals get enough sleep, sleep gurus have offered a few simple tips to help people nod off.

In the first instance, older adults are advised not to try to drink themselves to sleep.

Anandi, the sleep guru from, stated: "Whilst alcohol might send you off to sleep quickly, alcohol effects your sleep cycles and you will find that you will wake up in the early hours in the morning."

People are also reminded to try to keep sleep regular and not to use the holidays to catch up on rest that has been missed. Getting to bed early every day is vital to help the body's natural rhythm.

Moreover, Anandi advises looking to the future and thinking positive thoughts. Avoiding mentally running through the day will be vital to ensure that older adults naturally drift off to sleep.

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