Fruit juice 'beneficial to health'

Fruit juice 'beneficial to health'

Drinking fruit juice could lessen the risk of development of cognitive decline, cancer and heart related illness, according to research, making people less likely to rely on home care.

The consumption of 100 per cent fruit juices could have similar protective health benefits as that of whole fruits, according to research presented at the 2011 Experimental Biology meeting.

Author Dianne Hyson explained that, as of yet, there is no clear agreement as to whether drinking fruit juice is as advantageous to health as eating a whole fruit.

"An analysis of the scientific evidence suggests that 100 percent fruit juices retain important bioactive components that may promote good health and aid in disease prevention," she said.

Meanwhile, research carried out at Texas Woman's University indicates that blueberries could inhibit the development of fat cells, suggesting that the fruit could be used to combat obesity.

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