Expert calls for greater awareness of dementia

Expert calls for greater awareness of dementia

A mental health expert has warned more needs to be done to raise awareness of dementia, as the number of people with the condition is set to rise dramatically in the coming years.

Dr Chris Jagus of the mental health service stated it is "inevitable" instances of the disease will increase, with analysts forecasting the number of cases will double in the UK over the next 40 years, the BBC reports.

He said delivering dementia treatments is expensive and has called for investment into the condition to be reassessed in an effort to reduce long-term costs.

"If someone has the right kind of support in place, they may not need as much input from, for example, the social care system," Dr Jagus explained.

He insisted dementia should not be seen as an "inevitable part of the ageing process", stating that communities can do more to help patients live "full lives" by assisting with assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

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