Exercise improves cognitive performance of fibromyalgia patients

Exercise improves cognitive performance of fibromyalgia patients

Aerobic exercise improves the cognitive performance of fibromyalgia patients, according to a new study

Researchers at Georgetown University observed that areas of the brain responsible for pain processing and cognitive performance changed in fibromyalgia patients who exercised following a medication holiday.

It is thought that brain functioning becomes more streamlined after exercise because less of the brain's resources are used to process fibromyalgia perceptions.

Brian Walitt, senior author of the study, stated: "The decreased brain activity we see in the area of cognition suggests that the brain is working more efficiently.

"We also see less brain activity in areas responsible for pain processing."

Acupuncture is also thought to relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

In an Australian study, fibromyalgia patients treated with six sessions of acupuncture were found to experience significant improvement in symptoms, compared to a group given simulated acupuncture sessions.

However, while there was an improvement in symptoms, physical function was not increased, despite patients feeling less pain and fatigue.

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