Drink water to prevent dark circles

Drink water to prevent dark circles

As individuals get older they may find themselves with dark circles under their eyes, as a result of tiredness, stress and dehydration.

To combat the problem, older adults are advised to drink lots of water and avoid alcohol. Herbal teas can also help.

Jane Drucker, health and beauty expert, stated: "The only way to improve [dark circles] is to drink plentiful quantities of water or herbal teas.

"The recommendation is eight glasses per day ... You should see an improvement quickly – within 48 hours."

However, Miss Drucker warns that if dark circles are inherited the only way to tackle them is with a good concealer.

Despite the myth that bad skin is a problem experienced by the young, a good skincare regime is also vital when getting older as both a preventative and combative measure.

Miss Ducker advises using an eye cream or gel to sooth the delicate eye area and prevent wrinkles.

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