Does boxing training help Parkinson's?

Does boxing training help Parkinson's?

While the sport of boxing is believed to increase the risk of a person developing Parkinson's disease, its training methods could help to control the condition's symptoms.

Scott C. Newman, a former county prosecutor in the US, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in his early 40s but thanks to engagement in an high-energy boxing training program has been able to improve his agility and overall health.

Thanks to donations from private individuals and companies, Mr Newman was able to found Rock Steady Boxing in 2006 and now the venture has 125 members and hosts 16 classes a week.

Dr Elizabeth Zauber, a neurologist and board member of Rock Steady, said that people often get discouraged when they are diagnosed with the condition but that often changes when they begin exercising.

"When they come to a gym and realise that there are people that are experiencing the same thing and there is something they can do about it to get better and perhaps slow down the course of their disease, then that improves their overall outlook," she added.

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