Doctor's dying gift to help dementia research

Doctor's dying gift to help dementia research

The generosity of a former psychiatrist from Cheshire will see vital research on dementia be completed.

Dr Barbara Oldham passed away last year at the age of 95, and having supported many charities throughout her life, she remembered a select group in her will.

One of the groups to benefit if the Alzheimer's Research Trust, which will use the £5,000 donation to fund research into treatments and cures for dementia.

Dr Oldham's nephew Stephen Conquer said: "I am very proud to think that her gift will give hope to people living with the daily reality of Alzheimer's.

"Even though she's no longer with us, her generosity and compassion are still making a difference."

The ART will use the money to fund research at the University of Manchester, the very place that Dr Oldham graduated from back in 1949.

Around 60,000 deaths each year are directly attributable to dementia, according to the Alzheimer's Society.

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