Diet can reduce joint pain, expert says

Diet can reduce joint pain, expert says

Older people, who may employ home care or assisted living, should pay attention to their diet in order to lessen joint pain, one expert suggests.

Nutritionist Fiona Kirk said that older people should ensure they do not eat too much acidic food, which could increase joint pain.

She explained that diets high in meats, junk and processed food create an acidic environment within the body, promoting inflammation of joints.

"An anti-inflammatory diet is very important for joint health and anti-inflammatory products tend to be those that create alkalinity in the body as opposed to acidity," continued Ms Kirk.

The expert also warned that people are suffering from joint pain increasingly early in life, meaning that such a diet should be considered by everyone.

Meanwhile, Alison Wyndham, physiotherapist and founder of the Wyndham Centres, has said that exercise keeps the joints moving and strengthens muscle, thereby improving quality of life for those with arthritis.

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