Diabetic mice lead to MS discovery

Diabetic mice lead to MS discovery

Researchers studying diabetic mice have made leaps towards a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS) it has been claimed.

In a study at Tel Aviv University, it was found that when mice with Type 1 diabetes are injected with myelin protein they experience periods of relapse and remitting disability associated with brain lesions in humans who have MS.

For the first time, scientists have been able to monitor this brain lesion process using magnetic resonance imaging.

It is believed that the discovery will lead to more effective treatments for MS.

With advances continuing to be made in MS research, scientists have predicted that the condition will one day be controllable, like HIV/AIDS.

Recent studies have identified about 20 genes associated with the development of MS and it is estimated that in the next two years there will be around 80 associated genes that will make a very accurate picture of the disease genetic basis.

Once this is gained, developing treatments for MS will be far simpler and effective.

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