Diabetes patients could benefit from early and intensive intervention

Diabetes patients could benefit from early and intensive intervention

Patients with Type 2 diabetes could benefit from intensive and early intervention with treatment, according to a new study.

Researchers in the US claim that by delivering treatment as soon as possible the progression of Type 2 diabetes can be slowed down by preserving the body's ability to produce insulin.

Dr Ildiko Lingvay, author of the study, commented: "We can potentially change the course of this prevalent disease, which would represent a breakthrough."

Using a programme of intensive treatment that is different to the stepwise approach that is currently recommended, Dr Lingvay claims that by administering medication early the period of which patients are exposed to high blood sugar can be dramatically cut.

Currently, stepwise advocates making lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, before treatment begins.

This delay can lead to complications, according to Dr Lingvay. Instead, the study recommends focussing on maintaining insulin production through intensive treatment with the insulin, followed by two drug regimens.

Nonetheless, lifestyle changes like exercise and a healthy diet are still important for people with Type 2 diabetes.

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