Depression 'worsens knee arthritis'

Depression 'worsens knee arthritis'

Depression worsens the symptoms of knee arthritis in older people, research has indicated, making them more likely to find a care home.

A study published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery showed that patients with mild to moderate knee arthritis particularly feel the impact of depression.

Study author Tae Kyun Kim explained that in such cases, symptoms often extend beyond what is evident in X-Rays, making the condition difficult for the doctor to treat.

"The relationship between pain and depression suggests that both should be considered by physicians when treating patients with knee osteoarthritis, particularly in those with X-rays not indicating severe damage to the joint," explained Dr Kim.

Meanwhile, research published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation found that knee surgery patients experience improved recovery if they begin rehabilitation therapy within 24 hours of the operation, making them less likely to require assisted living.

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