Depressed people 'less likely to take medication correctly'

Depressed people 'less likely to take medication correctly'

People with depression, who may use home care, are less likely to keep up with their medication for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, it has been revealed.

Depressed patients were 76 per cent more likely not to comply with the prescribed treatment for their condition, according to research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Dr Walid F Gellad, senior author of the study, said that this is the best evidence yet that depression is a major risk factor in the successful treatment of chronic conditions.

"Doctors and other providers should periodically ask patients with depression about medication adherence. Also, when treating a patient who is not taking their medication correctly, they should consider the possibility that depression is contributing to the problem," he recommended.

This follows a study published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery which found that the symptoms of knee arthritis are worsened by depression.

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