Dementia care costs the UK more than larger EU countries

Dementia care costs the UK more than larger EU countries

Britain spends more on dementia care and treatment than any of the other 15 pre-expansion European Union (EU) countries, except for Germany, according to a new study.

Researchers at Oxford University have discovered that the UK spends more on dementia care than larger EU countries, with the cost of health and social care for each dementia patient in Britain amounting to £13,000 per year.

This figure does not include the cost of informal care by families and friends, such as help with household tasks, shopping, transport and supervision.

In the UK, informal care accounts for approximately £21 billion each year - more than half of the total amount.

Commenting on the research, the Alzheimer's Society stated: "This research is a very start reminder of the immense challenge that dementia poses for the country.

"Our failure to invest in dementia support and research means the UK is wasting millions on poor dementia [NHS] care."

The report claims that health and social care, informal help provided by families and the expense of lost earnings due to illness and early death make dementia much more costly than heart disease and stroke combined.

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