Could meditation help you manage stress?

Could meditation help you manage stress?

Older adults will no doubt be finding themselves increasingly under pressure in the current economic climate.

Making ends meet has become notoriously difficult for many segments of the UK population and a lot of people will have to work later in life than they originally expected.

Consequently, stress is becoming a real problem for people across the country and it is important that Britons find ways to manage this.

According to Stuart Bold from social enterprise the Meditation Foundation, meditation is one option for those looking to combat stress.

"[Meditation] is about taking this into life with you and accessing all of the many benefits through meditative skills, knowledge and awareness," he said.

This can involve "moving meditation (walking), eating meditation [and] mindfulness practices".

What's great about meditation is that it can be done pretty much anywhere, allowing it to be useful, all-purpose coping mechanism that brings "balance, clarity [and] awareness".

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