Chorley aims to be a dementia-friendly town

Chorley aims to be a dementia-friendly town

Chorley can become Lancashire's first dementia-friendly town, the local council have stated.

With an estimated 820,000 people suffering with the cognitive condition in the UK, Chorley Council says it plans on raising awareness locally and operate projects to support patients.

A series of workshops will be provided to the council's employees to give them better knowledge of the disease and how it affects people.

Further sessions are also planned for local businesses and community groups.

Simon Clark, the council's head of health, environment and neighbourhoods, told the Lancashire Evening Post: "We are going to liaise with dementia support organisations and encourage businesses to help make their staff aware of dementia.

“We are at the beginning stage of the process but we are committed to it and we hope others become committed to the cause.”

According to the Lancashire Mental Health Commissioning Network, around 17,000 people are currently living with some form of dementia in the county.

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