Cholesterol linked to brain hormone

Cholesterol linked to brain hormone

Neuro-rehabilitation may be key to the treatment of high cholesterol in the future, new research has suggested.

The circulation of cholesterol is regulated in the brain by the ghrelin hormone, according to scientists from the University of Cincinnati, who believe that this could help with treatment in the future.

Researchers found that blocking the receptor which ghrelin inhibits increases cholesterol levels.

Commenting on the findings, lead researcher in the Nature Neuroscience study Matthias Tschop said: "We were stunned to see that by switching MC4R [the receptor linked to cholesterol] off in the brain, we could even make injected cholesterol remain in the blood much longer."

Recent research carried out by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions indicated that low cholesterol may help to reduce the risk of men suffering high-grade prostate cancer.

Scientists believe that lower levels of harmful fats may reduce prostate cancer risk by nearly 60 per cent.

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