Charity-funded stem cell research looking for answers

Charity-funded stem cell research looking for answers

A major charity is providing funding for a stem cell research programme, which hopes to uncover the secrets behind motor neurone disease.

Using scientists from both sides of the Atlantic, the Motor Neurone Disease Association's (MNDA) project will involve the performance of detailed studies on human motor neurones with known causes of the disease.

The director of research development at the MNDA Dr Brian Dickie described the research as "groundbreaking", saying that programme will take advantage of new technology to try and improve the lives of those living with the condition.

"There is great hope that this approach will enable us to unravel the mystery of MND – why and how particular nerve cells die … This is the next step towards the association's goal of a world without MND," added Colin Blakemore, president of the MNDA.

Around seven in every 100,000 people in the UK is currently living with motor neurone disease, according to the MNDA.

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