Change lifestyle to lower heart risk, expert recommends

Change lifestyle to lower heart risk, expert recommends

People who have inherited a risk of heart disease can reduce their chances of developing the cardiovascular condition by making lifestyle changes, according to one expert, potentially reducing their future dependence on home care.

Maureen Mulvihill, head of health promotion at the Irish Heart Foundation, has said the risk of heart disease is halved one year after quitting smoking.

Moreover, eating a healthy diet high in fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods and cutting down on fat, fries and convenience foods can lessen the risk of heart disease, according to the expert.

People worried about heart disease should also keep themselves active by ensuring they do at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week.

Heavy drinkers could also be elevating their heart risk, according to Ms Mulvihill, who advises that men do not exceed 21 standard drinks per week, while for women the limit is 14.

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