Can you treat varicose veins yourself?

Can you treat varicose veins yourself?

As women get older they may experience varicose veins and the problem, as well as being a sign of bad circulation, can harm the confidence of patients.

Consequently, taking a positive approach to the condition is important and many women will be on the lookout for things they can do themselves to reduce varicose veins.

However, according to Eddie Chaloner, consultant vascular surgeon and founder of, the only way to treat the complaint is to visit a professional.

"There is little one can do to fix varicose veins without some sort of treatment by a vein specialist," he said.

"Once the valves in the vein start to fail the deterioration is progressive and inexorable."

Many patients turn to compression stockings to combat varicose veins, but they are often "too uncomfortable to be tolerated long-term".

Furthermore, they can roll down and cause constriction at the knee level.

Thus, seeking professional help is important and a doctor will advise patients on the best course of treatment for them.

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