Can drinking red wine improve your mobility?

Can drinking red wine improve your mobility?

Normally alcohol is associated with an impairment of movement, but according to a new study red wine may be key in keeping older adults on their feet.

Researchers from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh claim that the molecule resveratrol, which is found in the beverage, could enhance mobility among older adults and reduce the number of life-threatening falls.

However, they state that if the findings are confirmed there will be a search for natural, healthy products containing resveratrol to help older adults live full and active lives.

Dr Jane E Cavanaugh, leader of the research team, explained that the molecule can be introduced through diet or supplements, increasing "quality of life" and decreasing risk of hospitalisation due to falls.

The discovery was made when the scientists fed young and old mice a diet rich is resveratrol over a period of eight weeks. Animals were then analysed for their ability to navigate a balance beam and it was found that by week four older mice had fewer accidents.

For the thousands of older adults that injure themselves through a fall each year the discovery could be an important one.

Research by Age UK has revealed that over 220,000 people aged 60 and over are fracturing bones because of a fall.

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