A brisk walk 'improves memory in older people'

A brisk walk 'improves memory in older people'

Aerobic exercise could improve memory and prevent cognitive decline in older people, a new study has found.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and University of Illinois found that the memory section of the brain, the hippocampus, increased in size in seniors who took brisk walks for a year.

The study looked at two groups in the 55-80 age group, one of which walked for 40 minute per day, three days a week and others that did stretching and toning exercises.

In the stretching and toning group, the hippocampus reduced in size as is common in older people, whereas those in the aerobic group saw growth of the brain region, which was directly linked to improvements in memory.

This comes after the government announced it is to spend £400 million on tackling the way mental health is treated on the NHS.

One target is to "cure" up to one million sufferers in the next four years, with the hope of getting mental health patients signed off work back into employment.

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