Beware of new prescription charges

Beware of new prescription charges

People who pay for prescriptions are being advised not to be left short by failing to remember that new charges have now come into effect.

NHS prescriptions will now cost £7.65 on average - an increase of 25p, which could mount up among those requiring regular treatment.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has called the increase "completely unacceptable", the BBC reported.

However, those who buy a prescription payment certificate will not face an increase in costs, with prices remaining at £29.10 for three months and £104 annually.

Nonetheless, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and other medical professionals are calling on the government to abandon the price hike.

Neal Patel from the organisation told the news provider: "The prescription charge system at the moment seems to penalise people that have certain long-term conditions, but not others."

If patients fail to take their medication to cut costs, they may end up costing the state more if the condition worsens and they end up in hospital, Mr Patel claims.

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