Are you making more informed choices with age?

Are you making more informed choices with age?

As people get older they amass a certain amount of experience and it is expected that with this comes a certain amount of wisdom.

According to a new study, the wisdom a person displays and their ability to make informed choices depends on their capacity to replay past memories.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, claimed that animals rely on memory-based decisions, and their ability to make good choices falters when they have this function blocked.

This was discovered when scientists prevented animals from drawing on past experiences by selectively repressing replay, which was encoded as a slit-second burst of neuronal activity.

The findings have implications for the understanding of the human brain also, as "similar patterns of hippocampus activity have been detected in humans during [these] situations", according to Dr Loren Drank, researcher on the study.

This function also helps the brain to consolidate memories during sleep.

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