Alzheimer's Society asks for eBay donations

Alzheimer's Society asks for eBay donations

Anyone with unwanted Christmas presents could help out a major charity in the UK through any selfless sales they want to make this new year.

The Alzheimer's Society is asking for people to lend a hand and "rehome" Christmas presents which did not leave a lasting impression on the recipient, simply by visiting online auction house eBay to register their goodies.

Between ten and 100 per cent of the final sales will go to helping out the charity, it was explained, or people can simply visit the charity's store to buy things and donate in that way instead.

It explained: "You really can sell anything on eBay, from DVDs to dodgy jumpers; any of your unwanted Christmas presents can raise vital funds to support our fight against dementia."

The financial cost of dementia in the UK is over £17 billion a year, while family carers of those with dementia saving over £6 billion on top of this.

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