Preparing to Care - Checklist

Being prepared is the key to being successful in every field – be it athleticism, science, business or even tomato picking. As parents age, it becomes their adult children’s job to assume responsibility for their care – with plenty of forwards thinking your family can prepare for your parents’ later years as gracefully as possible.

Begin the Conversation

It may not always be easy to discuss how you are planning to care for your parents, but it is recommended that a family meeting is held, in which parents and caregivers can openly and honestly discuss options regarding daily living needs – before the need becomes acute and decisions become more difficult. Opening these lines of communication early mean that older parents and their caregivers can define their new relationship and make wishes heard.

Collect Important Information

 As you begin to assume greater responsibility for your aging parents, there are certain key pieces of information you will need to gather about their health and finances. Medical history such as allergies, previous surgery, chronic conditions and current medication is crucial, so that doctors can be contacted when needs be. There are also a number of legal responsibilities that need to be taken care of and well constructed provisions can ensure their wishes regarding their care and property are followed – whilst leaving you the option of stepping in if they are unable to make a decision for themselves. If your parents are in the early stages of dementia, why not consider one of our dementia care homes. We have homes with a specialised service for those living with the condition, and are experts at giving our residents a comfortable living environment whilst helping them find ways in which they can reengage with their families, friends and the community as a whole.


As your parents become less mobile, daily needs such as meals and personal care become harder to access. If you’re finding it difficult to locate your parents near sources of elderly care, perhaps consider Barchester Healthcare, we have care homes all over the country, so it’s likely you can find one close to where you live if you check out our care homes near you page.

Consider Professional Help 

The emotional complexity of dealing with an elderly parent can overwhelm even the most conscientious of people – on top of having to provide food and personal care, as someone grows increasingly old they will often become a little more isolated and less socially engaged. At Barchester, the environment naturally encourages companionship, with a number of sociable activities on offer, meaning you can be sure your parents are having an enjoyable retirement without the stresses of ensuring they are not lonely and without food. For those who are more mobile, we have a number of high quality assisted living properties.

If you are worrying about how you are going to cope with your parents as they get older, it may be a good idea to start thinking about choosing a care home. We can provide plenty of options and have care homes located all over the UK, so be sure to get in touch.