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Dementia Care

There are now nearly 850,000 people living within the United Kingdom with a diagnosis of dementia.

Some people who receive a diagnosis of dementia are able to live independently at home with support from a relative, friend or paid carer and may never need to go into a care home but for those that do, we want to make sure that the experience is as close as possible to the care that the person would have received at home.

Staff within our Memory Lane communities receive training to help them to support people living with dementia in our care homes.  They spend time learning about the different types of dementia that the person may have and how they might best support each resident through person centred approaches as well as learning about a range of interventions that may help to reduce any distress and promote well-being.

Along with the care home staff, Barchester Healthcare also have a dedicated Director of Dementia Care and a team of Dementia Care Specialists who work across the homes providing further support and training to help to develop the Memory Lane Communities.

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