Dementia Care

There are now nearly 850,000 people living within the United Kingdom with a diagnosis of dementia. At Barchester, we understand the importance in ensuring that these individuals receive the specialised care they require, whilst providing hospitality and comfortable surroundings. 

What is dementia care? 

Individuals with dementia may require extra, or specialised care. People living with dementia can find it difficult making sense of their physical surroundings. They likely experience memory loss, and problems with perception that can result in difficulty locating specific areas and making out stairs. Dementia care accommodates for these specific needs when nursing or residential care is not enough. 

Whether your loved one is showing early signs of dementia symptoms, or is living with a degenerative or vascular form of dementia, we understand their needs and can provide the support and care that they require. 

Dementia care

Who is dementia care for? 

Dementia care is for individuals with a diagnosis of dementia who are no longer able to live independently at home with support from a relative, friend or paid carer. These individuals require extra support to help them to maintain their psychological and physical well-being. 

dementia care

Dementia care with Barchester Healthcare 

Barchester Healthcare has specialised resources for individuals who are living with dementia. Our Memory Lane Communities are designed to bring out the individual strengths of those living with dementia, and the staff caring for them in a supportive environment. The Memory Lane Communities welcome relatives and local communities, ensuring that individuals with dementia don’t feel isolated. 
Dementia, when in the later stages, can threaten identity. At Barchester, we aim to help individuals retain their sense of self through meaningful relationships with our staff and other residents. Our care team ensure that they are responding to the physical and psychological needs of all our residents, and get to know them on a personal, empathic and compassionate level.
The dementia care at Barchester care homes follows the 10.60.06 programme, a programme developed by our Director of Dementia Care and the Dementia Care Support Team. This training and accreditation scheme is designed to enhance the dementia care environment in our care homes, and improve the interactions between staff, individuals with dementia, their relatives, and health professionals. The primary focusses of this scheme is increasing well-being, reducing distress and improving quality of life. 

What are the key benefits of our dementia care? 

We truly understand the needs of individuals with dementia, and we care about each individual’s well-being. 

  • Our dementia communities include thoughtful interior design features to help our residents to reminisce. 
  • The communities in Barchester’s dementia care facilities are broken up into small units, giving that family feel to all our residents. 
  • We support a person-centric approach to care; our care is based on dignity, choice and independence. 
  • Our residents living with dementia are offered a range of activities to help them to preserve life skills, support interactions and retain a sense of purpose and self. 
key benefits