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Top tips for entertaining a guest with dementia over Christmas

Top tips for entertaining a guest with dementia over Christmas
19th December 2012

The Alzheimer's Society has released a number of tips to follow if you are entertaining a guest with dementia over the festive period.

It is important to make your guest feel as comfortable as possible and so the charity recommends labelling doors if the person is unfamiliar with your house. Rooms that people are likely to move between, such as the kitchen and bathroom, are good places to start.

One of the things that people generally like most about Christmas is treating yourself to far more food than you normally would. However, dementia patients often have trouble eating and a full plate can be extremely daunting to them.

A person with dementia is likely to feel self-conscious in a large group - particularly around the dinner table. If possible, try to avoid making them the centre of attention.

It is likely that a house will get very busy over the festive period, so it is recommended that there is a predetermined 'quiet room' where your guest can go and relax without the distraction of television or music.

Finally, it is important to remember your own needs and congratulate yourself on coping with entertaining over the hectic Christmas period. 

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