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Scientist seeks investment for 'Alzheimer's cure'

Scientist seeks investment for 'Alzheimer's cure'
18th February 2013

A scientist from the University of Manchester is close to marketing a drug he believes may be able to cure Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Farid Khan has piloted the drug through his company PharmaKure and is now seeking investment to get the drug licenced and on the market, the Messenger reports.

PharmaKure unveiled the PK-048 drug at the World Drug Repositioning Congress in December 2012. Drug repositioning is the process by which medicines are investigated to see if they can have any benefit for patients with alternative conditions.

This has become increasingly popular because these treatments will, in most cases, already have been proven to work in the human body.

PK-048 was first discovered more than 20 years ago and was originally used as a treatment for Parkinson's disease, but Dr Khan and his team have now patented it as a treatment for the most common form of dementia.

"The potential for PK-048 to help alleviate the symptoms and potentially to cure Alzheimer's disease is really exciting," he stated.

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