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Ron Regan 'defends Alzheimer's claims'

Ron Regan 'defends Alzheimer's claims'
26th January 2011

Ron Reagan has said that he never said that his father had Alzheimer's disease while in the White House, just admitted it was one of the things he worried about.

The Washington Examiner reports that Ron Regan when speaking at the Jefferson Hotel at an event celebrating his new book "My father at 100", he denied diagnosing his father with Alzheimer's while in office.

The former president's son has caused controversy with the book, in which he claimed he worried there was something not quite right with his father during some of his time as president.

The newspaper quotes him as saying: "I did think that I noticed something that seemed just slightly off with him and I've described it as watching a TV that shifts out of focus ever so slightly and then snaps back, I didn't know what it was at the time."

His half brother Michael Regan slammed the claims, calling his brother an "embarrassment" to his parents.

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