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Olive oil can wipe out toxins which cause Alzheimer's

Olive oil can wipe out toxins which cause Alzheimer's
25th March 2013

According to a study conducted in the US, olive oil can help to fight the toxins which lead to Alzheimer's disease.

The researchers from the University of Louisiana found that oleocanthal – the compound which gives extra-virgin oil its peppery taste – can destroy toxic proteins associated with the cognitive disorder.

The study involved tests carried out on mice and its results were published in the CS Chemical Neuroscience, the journal of the American Chemical Society.

"Extra virgin olive oil derived oleocanthal associated with the consumption of Mediterranean diet has the potential to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’curlys or related neurodegenerative dementias," said Dr Amal Kaddoumi, who led the study.

Dr Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer's Research UK, however expressed caution at the study's results because the oleocanthal used was injected directly into mice and no link between normal consumption of olive oil and a reduced risk of Alzheimer's was made.

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