Meet our Activities Coordinator, Sam Lake

Sam leads our activities team at Woodside House. She has been at Woodside for 16 years, working in care and activities, and is now responsible for ensuring that there is always something for residents to do. Sam is very passionate about her work and loves putting smiles on the residents' faces.

Activities at Woodside House

Our activities team deliver a wide variety of mentally and physically stimulating activities and events for those we support, including coffee afternoons, which we hold every month for the local community, regular outings in our minibus, and visits from entertainers and musicians. Monthly resident meetings help us to ensure that those living here are getting the most out of our activities programme, and that our social events reflect their interests and capabilities as best as possible. From growing our own vegetables to making giant paper-mâché animals, there is always something fun going on at Woodside House.

Life at Woodside House Care Home

Beach Day

When we had our resident meeting, they said that one of the things they miss was getting out on the minibus and wanted to go to the seaside, so we had a day at the beach.

Furry Friends

We are very lucky here at Woodside; we have had a lovely morning with a visit from our furry friends!

World Chocolate Day

We celebrated World Chocolate Day with a tasting session, which our residents really enjoyed. We reminisced about how the chocolate paper has change over the years and which chocolate was our favourite.

Royal Celebrations

As part of the celebrations surrounding the Queen’s birthday, residents and Kim, our Head Chef, spent the morning reminiscing about her and planning an iconic feel to a cake for Barchester’s cake competition.

National Beer Day

We Celebrated National Beer day with a selection off beer and wine with cheese and biscuits, which residents really enjoyed. 

National Biscuit Day

Here at Woodside, we celebrated National Biscuit Day with selection off our favourite biscuits and some delicious strawberries whilst sitting in the garden enjoying the view with cup of tea or two.

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.