Meet our Activities Coordinators, Anna Foster

We all know that keeping active is important. We have created a wonderful culture within the home and we work together to give residents the best possible experience. We are here to ensure that residents enjoy an environment that is both stimulating and socially active. We ensure the team knows each residents' preferences, so that we can deliver a person-centered program of events and activities. Essential to our homely feel is the strong relationships of trust we build with residents and their families and friends. The home also has its very own minibus for our numerous outings for coffee and shopping, which residents love.

Activities at Woodhorn Park

Activities make up the most important part of all our days at Woodhorn park, so we ensure a variety of social events are available that reflect the interests of all the people we support. In our Memory Lane community, we have group conversations and regularly reminiscence about past experiences, which is something that people living with dementia really enjoy. Many residents love gardening, baking, outings, pet care and gentle exercise, which we provide, along with many other wholesome activities, as it is essential that life at Woodhorn Park is fun and active.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Woodhorn Park Care Home



As part of our creative festive activities, we’ve organised a crafts session to make Christingles - a symbolic object, which represents ‘Christ’s light’.

Our residents used oranges, candles, ribbons, sticks holding dried fruit and nuts to create beautiful Christingle decorations, which will be displayed around the home and also distributed to our local community.

Every element of the Christingle is symbolic: the orange represents the world, the red ribbon symbolised the blood of Jesus, the four sticks signify the compass directions and the seasons, the dried fruit are the fruits of the Earth and the lit candle represents Jesus as the light of the world.

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National Elf Day

We swapped our uniforms for costumes on National Elf Day in an effort to raise funds to help people living with dementia.

Launched by the Alzheimer’s Society and delivered directly from the North Pole, Elf Day was created to sprinkle some festive cheer on fundraising towards finding a cure for dementia. We were able to enjoy elf-themed games, quizzes and delicious sweet and savoury treats, prepared by our talented chef.

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Eyes down and mocktails

A little bit of fun today with Bingo and Mocktails, residents enjoyed a game of bingo with our Anna as bingo caller with tasty mocktails and snacks.

Musical moments

A fabulous afternoon had by all thanks again to Mark McCann for another amazing party everyone had a ball, some great dance moves followed by a buffet tea served by our wonderful team. Well done everyone a great team effort

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Birthday celebrations

What better way to welcome this young man to the Woodhorn Park family on his birthday then a beautiful cake and a chorus of Happy Birthday!

Advent calendar

14 sleeps till Santa! A yummy treat for two more residents today as they patiently waited for their turn in opening our special advent calendar. Would what's in store tomorrow?