Meet our Activities Coordinator, Niki Powell

I arrange meaningful activities for all of our residents based on their likes and interests. I love sharing fun times with our residents, their families and with staff. I thoroughly enjoy chatting with residents about their hobbies/interests as well as reminiscing in small groups.

Our activities extend beyond the home with trips to places of interest, places residents have enjoyed throughout their lives eg. Seaside, parks, garden centers, as well as craft/ art workshops at libraries and general interest talks around the area.

Activities at our home

Our home is always full of life, and we can thank our wonderful Activities Coordinators for this. Dedication to creating a unique and interesting activities programme is what sets us apart from other homes. We always take into consideration that some people would prefer to pursue their own interests, which is why our team strive to incorporative activities that cater to a wide range of tastes and hobbies. Our trips out are always fun and exciting as well, and residents are guaranteed to return with stories to tell their loved ones!

Life at South Chowdene Care Home


Holi lot of fun at South Chowdene

Barchester’s South Chowdene Care Home, in Low Fell, celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi, which takes place on March 28th and 29th.

Holi is a fun-packed festival that marks the end of winter and the start of spring, it focuses on love and new life.  Holi celebrates the Hindu god Krishna and the legend of Holika and Prahlad.  One of the messier festivals, Holi is also known as the festival of colours and is celebrated by the throwing of colourful powder paint and coloured water along with singing and dancing.

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St Patrick's Day

On this relatively quiet St Patrick’s day around and about, South Chowdene residents really showed some Irish spirit over an Irish quiz and pitting their wits against each other in an Irish fun facts knockout. There was fiddle music to warm the tapping feet up before residents experienced some awe inspiring Irish dance. Residents in rooms were also serenaded and we thought a few might go through the ceiling they were chair dancing and foot tapping so hard!

Residents were ready for Steak and Guinness pie and had a Baileys Knickerbocker Glory to wash it down with. The Irish cookery masterclass attendees just couldn’t wait for the tea trolley though to give the tray bake and Baileys Tiffin they had made a try. Those who felt that missing out Soda Bread during real bread week had their dreams come true as Soda Bread samples appeared on the tea trolley.

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Mother's Day

Residents at Barchester Healthcare’s South Chowdene Care Home, in Low Fell, celebrated Mother’s Day with music, reminiscence and laughter as well as lots of treats. The home was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and balloons for the occasion.

Staff at South Chowdene Care Home arranged daffodils and chocolates for every resident as well as music as messages from family (as far afield as New Zealand) were given to residents off the ‘Season tree’. Residents were treated to special ‘Mother’s Day’ cupcakes and tried a variety of sparkling drinks as the tea trolley went round.

General Manager, Lara Masucci said: “We all had a really lovely day. Although Mother’s Day has had to be a bit different this year, our mums have had video calls with family/we have made good use of our visiting suite to make sure lots of our residents had a visit with their loved ones.”

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International Women's Day

Residents at South Chowdene Care Home in Low Fell marked International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8th wearing purple and celebrating the achievements of wonderful trail-blazing women throughout history.

Residents took part in discussions about the role of the many different women who have shaped history from Cleopatra and Boudica to Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie right through to the Queen and Mrs Thatcher.  They talked about the important women in their own lives and celebrated the achievements of their fellow residents.  They also attended a live streaming event organised by Historic Environments Scotland to discuss the role of women in the Scottish Wars of Independence.

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B is for Book Better

Residents at South Chowdene have kept busy during lockdown with the help of ‘Art Diamonds’ a Gateshead Community Art group. We have joined in various ventures and kept up with what others are doing through the ‘Art Diamonds’ newsletter.

Recently, we took part in the ‘Heart for Art A-Z’ which is also part of the Equal Arts ‘A-Z of ageing well’. The South Chowdene letter was ‘B for Books’ in which Evelyn Wright and Peggy Montague spoke about what books have meant to them over the years.

The short video we made was put together with other short videos to complete the alphabet and the residents of South Chowdene have been very moved to see the other letters (promoting reminiscence) and to feel that they have been part of a much bigger picture throughout lockdown. We are looking forward to all the new exciting ideas from ‘Art Diamonds’ in future.

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Birthday celebrations

At the end of January, we celebrated Greta’s 90th birthday! The conservatory was decorated with balloons and a lovely 90th picture made up of small pictures of her family. Greta also had a fantastic birthday cake which really captured the essence of who she is and what she enjoys.

The first week in February saw 3 birthdays all celebrated with one big party during which we played virtual ‘Pass the parcel’ and relived traditional fair games with hoop throwing (there were some fantastic scores) and ‘Coconut Shy’ (during which residents really did find some strength and cans were flying everywhere).

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Upcoming events

April - Highlights

Safe inside our homes, our residents are carrying on with fun activities as part of the homes life enrichment programme.