Meet our Activities Coordinator, Tam Brown

Tam joined Newington Court in May 2021..  She has strong skills in performance, creativity and organisation. Tam enjoys sharing her skills with our residents which include glass painting, cake decorating, arts and crafts, yoga and much more.  She loves to sing and our residents are encouraged to join in which they all enjoy.  


Activities at Newington Court

Our Activities Coordinator here at Newington Court constantly strives to mentally and physically stimulate those we support in our home. We have our own minibus enabling residents to go shopping, to the local garden centre, out for fish and chips, and for boat trips in the summer. We also have regular visits from the PAT dog, musicians and entertainers. We hold cheese and wine evenings for residents and their families and our residents attend services at the local school for Remembrance Day and Christmas. The junior school also come in and sing for our residents at Christmas. The residents also attended a Christmas Party held at a local Grammar School hosted by the students.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Newington Court Care Home



We love to bake at Newington Court and this Easter we made some Bird’s Nest Easter Cakes. We enjoyed them at our Easter party later in the day. On Easter Sunday we had a little wine with our traditional lamb dinner and were treated to an Easter Egg.

Grand Nationals

To mark the Grand National we had our own horse racing activity. We each owned a horse and answered a series of quiz questions before rolling the dice to proceed to the finish line. We had to be careful not to land on a forfeit square!

Mothering Sunday

This year for Mother's Day we had afternoon tea and listened to a jazz playlist. We reminisced about fond memories of our mothers and looked forward to visits from our children!

St Patrick's Day

At Newington Court we like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. We all dressed in green, had green vegetables for lunch and later had green cocktails at our St. Patrick’s Day party! We listened to a selection of Irish songs as we enjoyed alcoholic green mojitos and non-alcoholic green smoothies. We ended the afternoon with a green themed quiz! 

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Baking Class

One of our residents' favourite activities is baking and we have recently had fun making some bread. The smell and texture evoked some lovely family memories.

Australia Day

At Newington Court we like to observe and celebrate national and international days. On 26th of January we marked Australia Day, we learnt more about the Australian culture, traditions and some of their landmarks. We even had a go at playing a didgeridoo!