Meet our Activities Coordinator, Anne-Marie Worth

I have been at Mount Tryon since July 2015. I have worked in a variety of roles, which means I have a really good understanding of how the home works.

In my current role as Activities Coordinator, I am responsible for ensuring that our residents live their lives to the fullest. I look to build a person-centred care plan based on existing hobbies, as well as the pursuit of new interests.

If there is anything I can do to improve your or your loved one's life, please do not hesitate to find me!

Activities at our home

Our home is always full of life, and we can thank our wonderful Activities Coordinators for this. Dedication to creating a unique and interesting activities programme is what sets us apart from other homes. We always take into consideration that some people would prefer to pursue their own interests, which is why our team strive to incorporative activities that cater to a wide range of tastes and hobbies. Our trips out are always fun and exciting as well, and residents are guaranteed to return with stories to tell their loved ones!

Life at Mount Tryon Care Home


Christmas Day and a very special Santa


This year we had a PPE wearing Santa make an appearance at Mount Tryon (Damon, our manager - in disguise).  The residents each had a lovely surprise present personally delivered to them and certainly made their lockdown Christmas a little brighter.  We have some residents who have struggled to get into the Christmas spirit this year, like many of us, and this made it that bit easier and extra special for them. The staff wore Christmas outfits to further enhance the festive experience.  Christmas dinner was enjoyed by all, with crackers and party hats.  Our ladies and gentlemen had a lovely day, with some being lucky enough to have visitors as well.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to hopefully seeing you all in the home for the next festive period!

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Welcoming the Vaccine

This is a picture of Scott Vincent, our Head of Maintenance five minutes after receiving  his first Covid Vaccine. Scott was very happy to receive the vaccine he  said the whole thing was a slick process and a painless experience.


As you may know, a Christingle is a symbolic object, used in the Advent, Christmas and Epiphany services of many Christian denominations. It originates from the German word 'Christkindl', meaning 'Little Christ Child'. 

The Christingle is used to celebrate Christ as the Light of the World. We thought that as 2020 has been such a hard year that it wouldn’t hurt to spread some precious positivity in the home. 

Pictured is one of our residents making his own Christingle, and informing all residents and staff the meaning of a Christingle.

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Christmas Cheer

We had a lovely surprise in the form of cards for the residents. Chloe Parpworth-Reynolds very kindly hand made some lovely Christmas cards and wrote messages in them.Chloe also included some extra hand-made cards for our residents to write in and send to their loved ones. These were gratefully received and proved very popular with our ladies and gentlemen. It was such a lovely thought and brought a lot of cheer into the home.

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Christmas is Here

Christmas has officially arrived at Mount Tryon, here in Torquay. Staff and residents have been decking the halls in style with lots of colourful, tinselly, shiny, glittery, Christmas paraphernalia.

This one is situated in the common room, positioned so it can be seen as soon as anyone goes into the room.  It has certainly brightened up the area and given the residents a talking point. 

Some of our guests enthusiastically joined in with adding the baubles and trimmings. Of course, the crowning glory is the fairy at the top of the tree. It would appear she may have had a little too much Christmas cheer before she climbed her way to the top. But hey, it is a season to be jolly after all!

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas day when we can make sure everyone has a lovely time.

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Friendly Competition

There was a friendly game of dominoes taking place between one of our lady residents and a Senior Carer. As you can see, it was all smiles and much fun was had. It was a jolly respite before a spot of lunch—socially distanced, of course.