Julie Rothwell

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Julie Rothwell

Julie started at Meadow Park in 2003 as a Care Assistant and immediately impressed her colleagues with her person-centered approach and dedication to her job role.

Julie has shown some exceptional devotion to all residents at Meadow Park; she goes that extra mile to ensure that activities in the home are fun and even spends her own free time taking residents on trips in the minibus. Always happy to offer assistance, whether it's help with personal care or serving meals, Julie is a very enthusiastic person who constantly inspires others with her outstanding work ethic.

Activities at our home

Activities are the cornerstone of a wholesome home experience and our Activities Coordinators are always putting their creative minds to the test by organising new and exciting social events for residents to partake in. Of course, we take into account the likes and dislikes of those we support, so if someone doesn’t feel like trying something new, there will always be something on offer to reflect their personal interests. For the people who may just prefer some peace and quiet instead, we also offer one-to-one time that can be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee or just a simple chat – whatever they desire.

Life at our home

15 Years of Service

15 Years of Service

Activities Coordinator, Julie Rothwell, was presented with her 15 year Long Service Award recently by General Manager, Suzanne Hudson. Well done, Julie!

10 Years of Service

10 Years of Service

Laundry Assistant, Lyn Chilton, recently received her 10 year Long Service Award, and was presented with it by General Manager, Suzanne Hudson.

Barchy Bear's Holiday

Barchy Bear, Barchester's cuddly mascot, recently returned from his very first caravan holiday. He visited the beach at Bunacaimbe Bay and was even invited into the cab on the Royal Highlander, also know as 'The Hogwarts Express'. He's back in the General Manager's office now at Meadow Park, exhausted from the adventure!

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1940s Day

Residents attended a 1940s event during Dementia Action Week. They went to the local pub/restaurant, the Block & Tackle, and enjoyed the whole day. Staff  members, Susan, Julie, Lacey and General Manager, Suzanne, all volunteered to dress up for this event.

Dementia Action Week

We played some rookie golf with the Royal Voluntary Services, had a music therapy session and reminisced about the '80s during Dementia Action Week.