Yamina Klock–Mouffok

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Yamina Klock–Mouffok

I have been working as an Activities Coordinator in care homes since 2002, starting my career at Four Seasons, then joining Barchester in 2014. I was awarded a Great British Care Award in 2013 and was a finalist at the National Care Awards in the same year, as well as being a finalist in the 2014 Great British Care Awards. I have a natural love for the elderly and enjoy every single day in their company.

Activities at Magnolia Court

Our Activities Coordinators work as a team by involving staff and relatives in the activities sessions. They implement and plan activities tailored to residents' likes, dislikes, beliefs and life stories. Lots of people choose to place loved ones in Magnolia Court because of our reputation for hosting great activities all year long!

Life at Magnolia Court Care Home

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St Patrick's Day

Magnolia had a wonderful St Patrick’s day celebration; our lovely residents were delighted to get dressed in green, loved the arms wrestling and shared beers along with Irish country music.

Celebrating Purim

Celebrating Purim

To commemorate the Jewish holiday Purim we took part in the age old customer of dressing up in costumes and masks. We all had so much fun in getting dressed up and enjoyed the delights prepared by our head chef and his team. It was a joyful day for all.


National Puzzle Day

Puzzles stimulate areas of the brain in a fantastic way. They are calming, fun and a great achievement, once completed. Residents at Magnolia Court were delighted to have a day dedicated just to puzzles for ‘National Puzzle Day’.


International Chocolate Day

Residents at Magnolia Court celebrated International Chocolate Day with lots of chocolatey treats!

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International Flower Day

Residents got creative to celebrate International Flower Day with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Residents always enjoy admiring the bright colours and are proud to display their arrangements around the home. Flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up someone’s day.

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Booze 'n' Tattoos

Magnolia Court staff hosted a unique activity in the home: 'Booze 'n’ Tattoos'. Residents really had fun and enjoyed it so much, and the booze went down to a treat too.