Meet our Activities Coordinator, Steve Chamberlain

Steve has worked at Hunters since 2011 and manages activity provision in the home, from the weekly quiz and daily activities to theme days and musical entertainment, in addition to larger scale events involving the local community, such as the annual Summer Fête.

Activities at our home

Activities are the cornerstone of a wholesome home experience and our Activities Coordinators are always putting their creative minds to the test by organising new and exciting social events for residents to partake in. Of course, we take into account the likes and dislikes of those we support, so if someone doesn’t feel like trying something new, there will always be something on offer to reflect their personal interests. For the people who may just prefer some peace and quiet instead, we also offer one-to-one time that can be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee or just a simple chat – whatever they desire.

Life at Hunters Care Centre

Olympic Games 2020

The Olympic Games 2020 in Japan have been postponed unfortunately, but this has not stopped the residents at Hunters enjoying themselves and taking part in their own Olympics. To coincide with the British Athletics Championships Hunters held its own very unique version of the traditional Olympic events.

The residents took part in bowls, golf, tennis and bean bag shot putt to compete for a coveted golden trophy. Each winner was awarded with their trophy during a presentation ceremony with the National Anthem playing in the background. Everyone enjoyed a fun afternoon with no one taking things too seriously.

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Happiness at Hunters

At the end of the summer term, the children from Bibury and North Cerney Primary Schools sent some lovely pictures that they had made in an arts and crafts session.

Both schools have strong links to Hunters; we take part in many joint community-based activities. In recent months, the residents have not been able to see the children, but it gave them a real lift to receive so many beautiful pictures. The kind thoughts of the children brought real happiness into the home. The residents decided that the best way to display the art was to make the pictures into large collages, which could be displayed around the home, bringing a smile to the face of everyone who sees them.

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Make a Wish

At Hunters, we always try to do things to make the residents feel extra special. One way to do this is to use our wish tree: in reception, there is a basket of leaves for the residents to write out a wish. The leaf is then hung on the wish tree. At the end of the month, the staff team grant as many wishes as they can, which is always guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of the residents.

In the past, residents with a love of horses have attended riding for the disabled. One lady simply wanted to try a take away cheese burger, and another wanted to visit some special places form her youth.

Recently, the staff team have had to be more creative and, often, this involves technology. One lady really wanted to see the house that she shared with her husband for many years. Although we were not able to visit her former home in person, we were able to grant the wish with the use of Google Earth. Margaret was able to see her old front garden, the front of her house and road by using street view.  

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Arts & Crafts

At Hunters, the residents spent a fun afternoon creating a collage through the decades, starting in the 1940s and working through to the 1970s.

The residents chose where on the time line the pictures belonged and at the same time they were able to discuss their memories and experiences.

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The Magic Table

At Hunters, we recognize the need for residents to maintain sensory stimulation and social inclusion to promote their well-being. In our Memory Lane community, we have a Tovertafel Magic Table installed.

The table projects animated and interactive images which can be used to provide activity sessions for the residents. This has proved to be a great asset as it provides physical and sensory stimulation for residents with dementia. It also allows the residents to socialize through group interactions with the table.

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Family Visits

Recently, we have been able to allow residents to have visits from their family and loved ones. After the COVID-19 lockdown, it has been a huge relief for everyone to be reunited and able to speak to each other face-to-face.

Since the beginning of March, Hunters has done everything possible for residents to be able to stay in contact with family and friends, including via Skype and Facetime, but there is no substitute for face-to-face contact, and with the recent relaxing of lockdown rules, it has been to safe to start family visits, albeit under strict criteria to maintain safety.

Visits have taken place outside and at a distance of three metres, but when the weather has been unsettled, the resident has remained inside and is able to speak to their visitor, who remains outside under shelter. There have been lots of happy smiling faces and a sense of relief that families have been reunited.

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.