Meet the Fountains Care Home team

Our trained team of professionals work together to create the best possible experience for those living in the home, striving to deliver excellent care services in a warm, homely environment. You can find out more about some of our wonderful staff members  below:

Sonia Tenniswood

General Manager

Hi, my name is Sonia, and I am the General Manager here at Fountains. Welcome to our website!

I have worked in the care sector for over 26 years, and believe in delivering high quality care that is person centred and delivered with compassion. I enjoy watching our residents grow, taking part in activities, interacting with staff, friends and family and gaining new experiences. Being able to make a difference, and ensuring our home is warm, welcoming and safe is what’s important to me.

Samanth Adams

Deputy Manager

Hi, my name is Sam. I have worked in care for approx. 6 years and starting my career as a care assistant. I have worked in residential and nursing homes progressing to a unit leader of a memory lane unit.

I am extremely passionate about caring and I'm very excited to further my skills at Fountains Care home as the Acting Deputy Manager.

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Lorraine Shannon

Home Services Advisor

My role as Home Services Advisor is to support residents and their families during the initial process of moving into Fountains. My career in the care sector began when I was 14yrs of age, working after school to support residents in a local residential home, which I loved. I was known as the “schooly” and “the little Ray of Sunshine” amongst the residents and staff.  This was a very special and life changing time for me.

I am passionate about good care and understand how difficult the transition can be when moving into a care home. I am here to help with this transition in any way I can, whether that is providing information, signposting or just being an ear to listen.

 I also network in the community to make contacts that will benefit our residents in supporting meaningful activity and friendship which in turn promotes social and community inclusion.

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Michaela Higgins

Administration Manager

Hi my name is Michaela and I have a business management background and love the care sector as it’s highly rewarding working with people at different stages of life.

I'm enjoying my journey with Fountains care home


Katherine Palmer


I joined Barchester in September 2019. Before this, I worked as an administrator, and I have worked in this capacity since joining the healthcare sector in 2012.

I enjoy being an administrator because I find that you get the combination of helping a business to grow by supporting the environment in any way you can and also meeting people. I enjoy getting to know residents and their families and friends.

I am here to offer help should you need it.

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Colin Buss

Head Chef

Hi, I'm the Head Chef at Fountains.

I was born in Hastings East Sussex.

I qualified as a chef in 1985 and after spending four years in the hotel & restaurant industry I started at my first residential home nearly 32 years ago and I’m still in the care industry!

I passionately believe that good food can and should be delivered within the care environment.

Food plays such an important part of our day to day lives not just nutritionally but psychologically too, which is why it is so important to deliver consistently good food.

I am looking forward to making wholesome and tasty food for our residents each and every day.


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Pat Hines

Kitchen Assistant

Hi, my name is Pat Hines and I am a kitchen assistant. About 25 years ago I started my career in the kitchen as a kitchen assistant. I worked my way up to Chef Manager in a health care environment.

I have taken this role at  Fountains Care home to achieve a work life balance after many years as a Chef Manager and to enjoy the experience of a brand new care home.

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Harvir Gill

Head of Maintenance

Hi, my name is Harvir and I am Head of Maintenance. I have previously worked as a Maintenance Manager for a large hotel chain.

I am looking forward to maintaining what is a beautiful home and developing my skills further with Barchester Healthcare and working with such a caring team at the Fountains.

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Amber Cumiskey

Head Housekeeper

Hi, my name is Amber and I am Head Housekeeper at Fountains Care home. I am very excited and looking forward to starting my new career here at Fountains. The Management and the team are all amazing and hardworking.

I am looking forward to the journey and ensuring Fountains is immaculate and looked after well.

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Jennifer Kreuter

Housekeeping Assistant

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the housekeeping assistant at Fountains. I'm super excited to be working for such an amazing company that offers so much opportunity to progress. I'm very happy to be working in such a fun, happy and loving care environment.

Zara Friend

Team Leader

Hi, my name is Zara and I'm a Team leader. I have worked in care for approx. 7 years and I've been a senior for 6 of those years. I love making a difference to people on a daily basis. I particularly love working with residents living with dementia and have lots of certificates in dementia care.

I am really looking forward to being part of the Fountains team.

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Sudarsham Sathasivam

Team Leader

Hi, my name is Sudarsham and I am a Team Leader. I have worked in care for approx. 6 years and I've always been passionate about my work. I really enjoy looking after people.

I am excited to work for Barchester Health who have such an excellent reputation for delivering amazing care. The team I have joined at Fountains is fantastic.

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Chloe Beck

Senior Carer

Hi, my name is Chloe. I'm a Senior Carer and I've been in the care sector for approx. 2 years. I was inspired to work in care following my Nan living in a care home and wanting to be part of a caring team.

I'm passionate about making a difference to older people’s lives and I am excited to progress my career with Barchester.

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Hannah Louise

Senior Carer

Hi, I'm Hannah.

I'm a senior carer at Fountains and I have worked in the private care sector for nearly 13 years and helping others is a massive part of my life.

I am currently training to be a therapeutic counsellor as I believe it will support my current role to be able to support individuals' physical and wellbeing needs.

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Francesca Ferrarin

Senior Carer

Hi I'm Fran and I'm a  Senior Carer at Fountains.

I absolutely love my job and making a difference to our residents lives.

I love being part of such a great team too.

Nathan Beadsworth

Hello, my name is Nathan and I am a carer at Fountains care home.

I have been working in the care sector or approx 6 years and really love my job.

Working for Barchester Healthcare is really exciting and I am looking forward to a long and successful career with the Fountains Team.

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Esme Lloyd-Kelly

Hi, my name is Esme and I am the Activities Co-ordinator for Fountains.

I have worked with Barchester for over 4 years as a member of the activity team in various homes.

I am excited for my journey as an Activity Co-ordinator at Fountains and making sure the residents have a full calendar of fun, 7 days a week.

I'm looking forward to planning events for the home and I love coming up with new ideas for the residents to try and enjoy.

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Food and nutrition

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