Meet our Activities Coordinator, Julia Constandache

I’m Julia and I have been working at Fordmill since December 2016. I really enjoy art and studied Graphic Design & Illustration in Dundee. I love being with people and using my skills to improve their quality of life and bring a smile to their faces through crafts, games and all sorts of other activities.

I plan out the activities, either for groups or individuals, according to specific needs and interests. It’s a real joy to get to know residents and their loved ones and I’m grateful to Barchester for giving me the opportunity to work with them and bring some sunshine into the residents’ lives.

Activities at our home

We understand that the people we support have passions and interests that could be difficult to pursue after moving into a care home – but that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage them to try! Some hobbies can define a person, so our Activities Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring that everyone we support is able to do what makes them happy to the best of their abilities. Social events are organised with individual tastes in mind and with the idea that residents have the opportunity to try new and exciting things.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Fordmill Care Home

Royal Botanic Garden

Our homes enjoyed a wonderful virtual tour of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh with Community Engagement Manager, Charlotte Walker, and Botanic Cottage Operations Co-ordinator, Laura Gallagher.

The residents were thrilled to learn more about the history of the beautiful Garden, which is now a home to an impressive plant collection from around the world.

Charlotte and Laura also gave a demonstration of making fresh herbal tea and were happy to answer our questions.  The virtual experience was truly enjoyed by all who joined.

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Wallace Collection

Our homes had a fantastic time joining members of the Wallace Collection for an amazing sensory session.

During the live virtual experience, our residents explored one of the museum’s most beautiful Dutch flower paintings and learnt new drawing techniques.

We cannot wait to put our creative skills to a test and produce beautiful paintings of our own.

Everyone enjoyed the lovely talk, we all had lots of fun and it’s given us plenty of ideas.

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Music through the ages

Our homes had a brilliant time with curator Sarah Deters as she took us on a virtual ‘Music Through the Ages’ tour of St Cecilia’s Hall: Concert Room and Music Museum.

Our residents were thrilled to discover weird and wonderful musical instruments, hear their unusual sounds, and find out how instruments have changed over the last 500 years.

The virtual live event explored the world-renown collection of musical instruments on display at St Cecilia’s Hall, Scotland’s oldest concert hall.

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Opera performance

Our homes had a fabulous time with the talented soprano Astrid Joos from Street Theatre.  Astrid spoke about a selection of famous operas and our residents were treated to performances of wonderful arias from operas well-known to all, such as ‘Giuditta’, ‘Don Giovanni’ and ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’.

It was a lovely experience, truly enjoyed by all.

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Virtual event with Dr Tim Howard

Residents across our homes had a lovely time joining Dr Tim Howard, 4th generation GP, whose whole life has been about patient care, for an exciting virtual event to discuss his novel ‘Let’s Kill All The Lawyers’.

The novel is a medical fiction thriller that explores the impact of life and death events, mistakes and forgiveness, and the impact of law and justice on the day- to-day lives of ordinary people doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Residents had the chance to ask their own questions once the discussion was over and a great time was had by all.

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Just passing through

Our residents had a lovely time joining Daniel Snowman, for an exciting virtual event to discuss his book ‘Just Passing Through’.

Author of over a dozen books, Daniel Snowman’s long and active life has led him to interact in countless ways with the wider world and with some of its most famous inhabitants. His memoir evokes these experiences via a series of vivid literary vignettes.

Our residents found the talk very intriguing and informative, and were happy to learn more about Daniel’s experiences around the world.

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