Meet our Activities Coordinators, and Activities Team

Our activities team here at Chalfont Lodge includes Sally, Amy, Jennie (all in the photo) plus Rachel, Josh and Shaun. Residents enjoy a range of activities delivered throughout the day, choosing what they would like to do, and most importantly giving their input on the choice of what's available  

We share on our Facebook page what residents are enjoying, introduce the staff and share their success almost every day so do have a look - @Barchesterchalfontlodge

Activities at Chalfont Lodge

Chalfont Lodge is a large care home and we have a diverse range of groups and events to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included. In the Lifestyle team we work hard to create a sense of community and ensure there is always someone to talk to and something to do. 

Our residents help us to plan the monthly lifestyle programme, making sure that everyone has something they like, enabling people to keep up with life long hobbies or pick up new ones. We have long term projects like our summer parties, car shows, BBQs, craft fairs, Christmas shows to mention a few and residents can be as involved as they would like in all stages of the planning or just come along and enjoy on the day.

We love going out on trips, to lunch, shopping or to socialise with other local groups, we also have many people who come into visit us with church services, music, talks and support for our bigger events.

We have a fantastic team of staff and every department is involved in making sure our residents get the most out of living here. We have a brilliant music therapist who works her magic 3 days a week, running group and individual sessions. Our Physiotherapy team keep everyone fit and active, working with us to make sure everyone has access to sports and team games.

We have a full programme groups, events and clubs but none of it would be possible without our residents and their families, we all work together to make this a home from home and to keep laughter and friendship at the heart of what we do.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Chalfont Lodge Care Home

Blooming Beautiful

Today we celebrated International Flower Day here at Chalfont Lodge Care Centre. Rachel Hobbs, a brilliant member of our Activities team has such an eye for colour and beauty. The floristry group, firstly  arranged the flowers into colour bunches and then started their arrangements. The smell of freshly cut flowers filled the air whilst Louise Hamer our fantastic music therapist played the piano to some of our residents others joined Rachel to arrange and create.  A lovely morning was had by all.

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Every little helps.

Yesterday Chalfont Lodge took some much needed toiletries to Gold Hill Baptist Church in the village,  adding to the food bank collection for Chiltern Foodbank  Joyce, our fabulous knowledgeable contact at Gold Hill Baptist Church told us how important it is to donate household goods as well as food to the banks to be distributed out to our community. Chalfont Lodge's donations will be ongoing.  Every little helps

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Louises Musical Instruments

These musical instruments are found in our Music Therapist, Louise Hamer’s , beautiful office here at Chalfont Lodge. In this photo there are Djembe and Conga Drums; the colourful one is an Ocean Drum.  There are tambourines and bongo drums, there is also a sounding drum, a ukulele, some little Combi bells,  a cymbal, piano and a small cow bell. Music therapy is explained as a person-centered  therapy that uses music as its main source of communication. Music therapy is very popular here at Chalfont Lodge

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Magical Music Moments

Music plays a large part of our lives here at Chalfont Lodge and today we were entertained by the amazing Linda Watts.  . She was amazing. Linda is a glamorous top class entertainer who delighted our residents and staff with her happy selection of music hall and 'sing along' songs from the past.  Everyone sung along , we cant wait for Linda's return

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Virtually the best Virtual Christmas Quiz

Barchester’s Chalfont Lodge care centre, in Chalfont, got into the Christmas spirit by joining a virtual afternoon of festivities along with the staff and residents at over seventy Barchester care homes across the south of England, Jersey and the Isle of Wight.

Chalfont Lodge staff and residents pulled out all the stops by dressing up in their glittery Christmas best to link up with all the other care homes in the south of the country for a whole host of different fun activities culminating in the Barchester Big Quiz of the Year.  When they weren’t quizzing, residents enjoyed a feast of festive foods prepared by the home’s fabulous Head Chef, .


General Manager, Raj Boodhoo said: “We’ve all had a challenging year so we wanted to ensure the Christmas celebrations for our residents and staff were an extra special treat.  ‘Meeting up’ with the other homes virtually has given them all such a boost.  We’ve all had so much fun letting our hair down, everyone really enjoyed the afternoon.”

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Beautiful Festive Entertainment

Our Residents have been really enjoying pre-Christmas entertainment! Thank you to Blenheim Palace for their fantastic virtual trip around this beautiful palace!  This amazing trip was exclusively for Barchester Homes.  Thank you to our great staff who organised this! Next week we have the Royal Ballet “Nutcracker”!   The day rounded off with the very talented “Panda Players” who sang Christmas Carols to a full house!  Christmas has definitely arrived at Chalfont Lodge!

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