Meet our Activities Coordinator, Louise Doyle

Hi, my name is Louise and I'm the Head of the Activities Team here at Chalfont Lodge. I originally started at the home in 2017 as a care assistant and moved into activities in 2019.

My favourite part of the job is getting to know the specific interests of the individual residents living in here and helping them continue it at Chalfont Lodge.

I get to learn something new, and the resident gets to continue doing something they really love. It's a great feeling to know you can make such a difference to someone's day. I share on our Facebook page what residents are enjoying, introduce the staff and share their success almost every day so do have a look - @Barchesterchalfontlodge

Activities at Chalfont Lodge

Chalfont Lodge is a large care home and we have a diverse range of groups and events to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included. In the Lifestyle team we work hard to create a sense of community and ensure there is always someone to talk to and something to do. 

Our residents help us to plan the monthly lifestyle programme, making sure that everyone has something they like, enabling people to keep up with life long hobbies or pick up new ones. We have long term projects like our summer parties, car shows, BBQs, craft fairs, Christmas shows to mention a few and residents can be as involved as they would like in all stages of the planning or just come along and enjoy on the day.

We love going out on trips, to lunch, shopping or to socialise with other local groups, we also have many people who come into visit us with church services, music, talks and support for our bigger events.

We have a fantastic team of staff and every department is involved in making sure our residents get the most out of living here. We have a brilliant music therapist who works her magic 3 days a week, running group and individual sessions. Our Physiotherapy team keep everyone fit and active, working with us to make sure everyone has access to sports and team games.

We have a full programme groups, events and clubs but none of it would be possible without our residents and their families, we all work together to make this a home from home and to keep laughter and friendship at the heart of what we do.

Life at Chalfont Lodge Care Centre


Residents love their new 'Magic Table'

Our home has recently brought a bit of magic to residents by providing a new ‘Magic Table 360 and the Happiness Programme’ as a way to improve residents’ quality of life.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Magic Table 360 uses interactive games to connect residents with staff and with each other, and research shows it improves the wellbeing of people living with dementia. Using interactive light projections, the Magic Table 360, which can be played independently or in a group, stimulates movement by inviting participants to take part in all sorts of different fun activities such as popping bubbles, playing the piano, colouring in pictures, sweeping leaves or interacting playfully with fish. Games are rich in colour, movement and detail, and allow people of all ages to play in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Magic Table 360 is portable so it can be used wherever residents feel most comfortable, it can be projected onto the floor, ceiling, walls, a whiteboard or even the bed. The Happiness Programme allows for a range of games that change seasonally and have country-specific versions covering 14 different categories, so there will always be something new for residents to try.

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100th Birthday Celebrations!

Irene celebrated her 100th birthday today and was delighted to see her family in the visiting suite - we had a beautiful cake and flowers plus a very special card from Her Majesty!

Congratulations Irene, we all hope you enjoyed your day

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Hearts and Hugs from local children!

Residents enjoyed a concert with Louise, our music therapist, with a beautiful backdrop of hearts and hugs from local children all made especially for the residents! BIG thank you to everyone for their help in making a special display which we will all enjoy for days to come! Children from Buttercups Day Nursery, Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries, CSP Montessori School , Lovel End Nursery , Footsteps Nursery & Preschool Chalfont St Peter you are amazing - you made us feel very loved

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Healthy Valentines Day Exercises

This Valentine's season, let's make it healthy and fit. Try some easy exercises with our Physiotherapist Mansukh Chander to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling in upper limbs. Chalfont Lodge residents were delighted to do these exercises for a healthy start of Valentine's day and regular weekly exercise sessions with the in house physio team. Go our Facebook page @BarchesterLyndeHouse watch the short, safe exercise class and see how our physio team provide such great support for our residents. 

Enjoy the video and give a try at home, why not join our next free Elderly Fit: Virtual Exercise class on Tuesday 2nd March at 11am - call us on 01753 888002 or DM from Facebook for logon details. Your body will love you for it!

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International Day Of Women And Girls In Science

Today we celebrated International day of women and girls in science. Our residents recreated experiments and inventions with our talented Physiotherapy team (Mansukh Chander and Pedro Bras). Our resident, Valerie commented, "It is one of the most interesting days where we did experiments and learn more about science".

Experiment carried out were:

Hydraulic Lift

Volcano Eruption

Heron's Fountain

Rainbow Water

Buoyancy Floating

At Chalfont Lodge we love to engage residents in learning something new as well as the usual fun and games we all enjoy!

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Residents sketch the birds in our garden

We all enjoyed the Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of January with many residents occupying themselves observing the birds at Chalfont Lodge, our extensive gardens attract a variety of wildlife!

No matter what the weather is from the comfort and warmth of the home our residents enjoy birdwatching out of their windows or the conservatory overlooking the lake. This week our lovely residents Tori and Donna captured the view of birds in their sketches. Art is a very popular pastime at Chalfont Lodge and we have all the equipment for a range of crafting activities. 

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Upcoming events

FREE - Financial Planning Seminar on 27th April 11am

Are you organising financial matters to pay for care? For yourself or a loved one? Our virtual seminar will help. Call or email…

Weekly armchair exercise classes - Thursdays

Led by our Physiotherapy team residents are invited to exercise safely, prevent falls increase stamina and building confidence

Weekly music groups

Our music therapist Louise holds weekly musical reminiscence, musical performances, and one to one therapy - joining with percussion instruments optional!  

Skittles Club - every Monday

Resident skittles club meets every Monday at 11.30am for a lively and competitive game!