Meet our Activities Coordinator, Hannah Boscott

I have worked here at Chacombe Park Care Home since 2013; I started at Chacombe as a care assistant followed by becoming a senior carer before taking on the role as Activities Co-coordinator. I love being part of the fun and entertainment that we have here at Chacombe. I strive to ensure all residents we support are involved with everyday life at Chacombe one way or another by organising group and individual activities.

We have a varied activity programme that is never fixed and if residents are wishing to do an alternative activity this is never an issue. There are regular entertainers, PAT dog, themed events/days such as beach days, cultural days as well as celebrating the big calendar events such as Guy Fawkes. We also have regular trips out on the Mini Bus, which include visiting places of interest, lunch trips/afternoon tea. Relatives, friends and family are encouraged to join the activities that we have going on around the home as often as they can.

Activities at our home

We understand that the people we support have passions and interests that could be difficult to pursue after moving into a care home – but that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage them to try! Some hobbies can define a person, so our Activities Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring that everyone we support is able to do what makes them happy to the best of their abilities. Social events are organised with individual tastes in mind and with the idea that residents have the opportunity to try new and exciting things.

Life at Chacombe Park Care Home

Mobile Drinks

Team members set up a mobile bar to visit residents in their rooms, serving cold refreshing beverages, whilst the residents enjoyed watching the rugby or football. Residents could choose from either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy whilst watching their chosen sport.


Signs of Spring

Residents have been enjoying spotting the signs of spring coming to life around the garden. Snowdrops blooming and daffodil bulbs showing signs of opening, whilst listening to the sounds of the birds chirping, watching the rabbits scurrying around and enjoying the peacefulness of being outdoors.

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Snow Day

Residents enjoyed a tranquil walk in the garden, listening to the crunch of the snow beneath their feet and the feel of the cold soft, powdery snow between their fingers, watching and listening for wildlife and birds chirping away. After enjoying the quiet of the garden, residents had great fun building a snowman to sit at the front of the home.

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Vaccination Day

Residents and team members were delighted to have been invited by Banbury Cross Health Centre to have their vaccines. This has brought great joy and relief to residents and team members after what has been a difficult period.

Virtual Poetry Reading

Residents have been enjoying bi-weekly poetry sessions with our volunteer, Jon, through Zoom. Jon has been sharing some much-loved poetry with residents, who in return have been sharing their favourites poems and thoughts on how they interrupt the poems read.

International Flower Day

Residents celebrated International Flower Day by making their own flower arrangements, as well as making arrangements for other residents in the home. Residents also learnt about different cultures and their ways of flower arranging, including the Japanese art of Ikebana.

Upcoming events

Need a venue?

Need a venue?

We have rooms that are available to hire for free to members of the local community.