Meet the Beaufort Grange Care Home team

Our trained team of professionals work together to create the best possible experience for those living in the home, striving to deliver excellent care services in a warm, homely environment. You can find out more about some of our wonderful staff members below:

Raji Sunil

Raji Sunil

General Manager

Hi, my name is Raji and I am the General Manager here at Beaufort Grange. Welcome to our website!

I have been a registered nurse since 1997, completing my nurse training at the Fr. Muller’s Hospital, Mangalore - India. After my graduation I worked in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 7 years.

I have extensive experience in both hospitals and care home settings. I moved to UK in 2004.Since then, I have worked at MHA and Country Court Care, before joining Barchester. 

I always strive for excellence. I believe in an open door policy, and I am an advocate for the basic principles of care, respect, dignity, privacy and choice.

I enjoy challenges and endeavour to improve the quality of the service we provide for those people we support. I have a very good relationship with both staff, families and local health care professionals.

Nita Marks

Nita Marks

Head of Unit

I have been qualified for 21 years, and have worked in a variety of settings with the elderly. I enjoy helping those who require more complex care and those who are living with dementia. I like building relationships with residents, relatives, colleagues and health professionals.

Holly Burnell

Head of Unit

I’ve worked within the healthcare sector for over 10 years. My background is supporting individuals living with dementia. My passion is providing extraordinary care with a person-centred approach. My ultimate aim is to ensure our residents feel safe, comfortable and their wishes and choices are respected.

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Alyssa Napod

Head of Unit

I graduated from Saint Louis University school of nursing in 2013 and passed the nursing licensure exam in the Philippines. I had several pieces of training, including critical care and intravenous. I've rotated to different wards, from emergency, medical-surgical, OB to paediatric, from operating rooms to delivery rooms. In addition to that, I had also worked as a precertification nurse for three years.

I moved to the UK in December 2020 to further enhance my skills in my chosen profession. I passed my OSCE exam in February 2021 and became a registered nurse in the UK.  

I believe that a good nurse must be caring. Showing a natural tendency to care about how their residents feel will significantly impact their success in the nursing field and become an advocate for both the management and residents.

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Jinmei Chen

Senior Nurse

My name is Jin, and I am one of the senior nurses here at Beaufort Grange.

I started my career in 1996 after graduating in China, and I worked as a registered nurse in a hospital for nearly 9 years before I came to the UK in 2004. From 2008, I joined a dementia nursing home and started working as a deputy manager from 2011, which includes seven years of experience in one of the biggest MHA homes.

As a clinical team leader, I always try to be a role model to guide and influence others; I strive for excellence and focus on quality person-centered care to all the residents in the home. I enjoy working alongside my nursing staff to provide clinical support to the whole team.

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Kate Sliwinska

Home Administrator

My role at Beaufort Grange involves supporting the General Manager by managing the financial, recruitment and general administration system. I started at Beaufort Grange in 2014 with 11 years administration and financial experience. If you ever need any help regarding the above, my door is always open.

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Lynnett Heron

Activities Coordinator

My job is a big part of my life and I thrive on seeing residents smiling and having fun. I'm very outgoing with an infectious personality and have a wonderful bond with many of our residents and their families.

Leena Mathew

Clinical Lead

My name is Leena A Mathew, and I am the Clinical Lead working as a Registered Nurse at Beaufort Grange since March 2020.

I have been a registered nurse since 2004 after completing my nurse training at the Moolchand Medcity – India.

I have a health care experience of 16 years and seven months in the Medical-Surgical, NICU, and Dialysis departments.

I am a hardworking individual who works hard to meet professional goals, is always willing to learn, empathetic towards my patients, and also has critical thinking capacity.

I believe in evidence-based nursing care to improve the outcome. I always make sure that care practice contains six core values: Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, and Commitment.

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Loressell Macavinta

Registered Nurse

My name is Loressell, PHRN, SCFHSRN, UKRN. I have been practicing as a nurse for ten years and completed Bachelor’s degree from Saint Gabriel College in the Philippines. After graduating in 2011, I immediately took the nursing board exam while volunteering in a private hospital. I was assigned to the general ward with both adult and paediatric cases.

Before coming to the UK, I worked in a private hospital as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse for two years in Saudi Arabia; after that, I transferred to a prestigious University Hospital with a 878-bed capacity and was assigned to the Paediatric medical-surgical ward, including Haematology. During this time, I had acquired advanced training and seminars for both adults and children, which enlightened my knowledge and skills.

For me, nursing is dynamic, so I decided to be in a community care setting, providing care to older adults who need help and support in their day-to-day activities of living. I joined Beaufort Grange as a registered nurse in 2021; I am very thankful and blessed to be part of a caring and reputable Home and Company. I believe in the company’s vision and core values which prioritize respect and compassion. 

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Stewart Sharkey

Head Chef

I have been a chef and catering manager for many years, both in England and in Italy.

My ethos is simple; I believe that the food and service we provide should be on client-driven, with the emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet based on their likes and dislikes, not ours.

I recently joined Barchester and am very much looking forward to encouraging my team to strive to the best and by doing so improve the daily lives of our most important asset... our residents.

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Rose Kelley

Senior Care Assistant

I have been working in care industry for over 15 years, and the reason I started this line of work is it came very naturally to me. I have four children, 3 with ADHD, and once they started school, I became restless, so I applied for my first job in care doing domiciliary work; I found it rewarding to myself and my service users. I learned so much about different conditions and disabilities, and the training was brilliant.

I love being at Beaufort Grange as every day is different.

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Catarina Ferreira

Senior Care Assistant

My name is Catarina Ferreira, I am Portuguese. I’m a happy person, I love to laugh and enjoy helping others. I’m responsible, fun-filled and I have an open heart for those who need me. I like organisation, prioritisation, and I’m also a little stubborn.

During my life, I had been working with leather, computers, and looking after children. In the last year that I lived in Portugal before coming to UK, I worked in a nursing home where I found out it was a job that made me happy and, at the same time, a gratifying career to know that my work makes a difference in the lives of those I care for.

In 2016, I came to England with my family to give my children a better future and to be close to my siblings; I immediately started to work in Beaufort Grange; I loved the Home and the team because they taught me everything I know today, which I still apply in work today, I remain happy and grateful for all the Home and the company has given me in exchange for my work and dedication as part of this team that I always hope to honour.

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Mariatu Bangura

Senior Care Assistant

My name is Mariatu Bangura. I am a Senior Care Assistant at Beaufort Grange, Bristol. I have worked as a carer for over ten years. I enjoy caring for and supporting people as it gives me joy and fulfilment.

This role offers excellent opportunities to work alongside colleagues with different skill sets, such as Nurses, Care Practitioners and Care Coordinators.

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Njideka Nwofor

Senior Care Assistant

My name is NJideke and I joined Beaufort Grange in April 2016 as a Care assistant and at present, I work in the position of senior care assistant.  It has always been my passion to take care of the elderly, especially those ones under our care at Beaufort Grange. Their welfare and joy are our utmost priority. We always create an opportunity for our residents to be happy, secure, and fulfilled. I am very happy to be among the team at Beaufort Grange.

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Bogdan Kitan

Head of Housekeeping

The team warmly welcomed me to Beaufort Grange and I am glad to work in such a nice environment. As Head of Housekeeping, I am in charge of supervising the team, do all the ordering and making sure our residents have the best service.

Lucy Lock

Senior Carer

I have been working at Beaufort Grange for six years, and I am currently training as a senior carer. It's always a pleasure to keep the residents updated with community activities. What I enjoy about my job is making everyone laugh and keeping residents and staff entertained. You will often hear me singing as I walk down the corridor!

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Sam Stoate

Senior Care Assistant

I joined the care team at Beaufort Grange in March 2021. I have recently become a senior carer and I am passionate and dedicated to my new role. I am enjoying my time here and particularly enjoy making the residents feel happy and relaxed.

Jyoti Singh

Care Coordinator

I joined Beaufort Grange 3 years ago. Part of my job is to coordinate the carers around the home, check the residents are receiving the appropriate care and document accordingly. I really love working at Beaufort Grange, the best part of my job is making the residents happy and settled.

Tracey Burgess

Senior Care Coordinator

I have been working at Beaufort Grange since its opening in 2013. Making our residents happy is a goal to me and my team and we want to provide them a great service but also the best care possible. Making a difference in their life is extremely important to me.

Nicola Aboeldahab

Senior Care Assistant

Hello, my name is Nicola. I have worked in care for 36 years, starting in a nursing home, then took a job at the Bristol Royal infirmary where I happily worked as a health care assistant for 4 years. I then moved to Frenchay hospital in the same role to be closer to my home. I enjoyed working on a bustling surgical ward and learned many skills, such as wound care and management, stoma care, and tissue viability. I still wanted to work in care and worked as a health care assistant on a neurological ward at Frenchay hospital and helped the ward move over to the new Southmead hospital on its completion.

In 2019 I started to work as a lead carer/ manager for a lady suffering from MS who wished to remain living in her own home. I enjoyed managing her at home and maintained a high standard of personal care and home hygiene, even more so during the covid pandemic. I am thrilled to have joined the care team at Beaufort Grange in November 2021, and I'm looking forward to my role as a senior care assistant and developing more skills. 

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Julina Puzon


I've been a registered nurse since 2007. My area of specialty is critical care nursing. I've worked as an Adult ICU nurse in my home country, the Philippines, and in Sultanate of Oman for a total of 12 years. I aspire to bring my nursing skills to benefit people in a different care setting so I moved to the UK in December 2020. As a nurse at Beaufort Grange, I've learned that residents are people who are just like us with own stories to tell and it is my privilege to care for them as if they are part of my own family. Although challenging, being a nurse is extremely a rewarding experience. Nursing is more than a profession to me, it's a calling.

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Jose Manaca

Senior Care Assistant

My name is Jose Manaca, and I am a senior care assistant at Beaufort Grange. I have 15 years of experience in health and social care. I am focused on leading a team of dedicated and reliable care assistants to provide the best care possible to our residents. It has been a wonderful experience here at Beaufort Grange because our staff makes all the difference to the well-being of our residents.

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Antoneta Burgess

Care Coordinator

I have worked at Beaufort Grange for 7 years now and as a care coordinator for 2 of those years. I enjoy working with our residents and helping them live fulfilling lives at the home. 



My name is Sandu, and I am nurse here at Beaufort Grange. I completed my nurse training in Romania in 2007; I then followed that with a course in psychology at university. I began as a volunteer in a hospital in Parhon but soon started working in ambulatory Oncology Volovat. I then worked in psychiatric ward, so I have experience in Geriatric and Psychiatric settings. I moved to the UK in 2015 and have been working for Barchester as a registered nurse since 2016. I believe that respect, dignity, and compassionate care are vital for working as a nurse. I have a good relationship with my colleagues, external professionals, residents, and their families.

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Rebecca Delos-Reyes

Senior Care Assistant

My name is Rebecca but I am known as Vicky to our residents and colleagues. I have worked as a Carer for over 11 years. My passion is to serve the Residents with dignity and love. I am proud to be a Carer and I have never regretted choosing this profession!

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