Meet our Activities Coordinator, Rita Green

As a Lifestyle Activities Coordinator, I will be spending time with each resident and their loved ones to build a detailed picture of each individual, so that each person’s stay with us is as meaningful as possible.

Although I have been working within this field for many years, thanks to the uniqueness of each resident, I am always enjoying new experiences in my role. My goal is to create an activities programme that caters to the capabilities of residents, including, but not limited to, individual and group activity. 

I've spent the past few years forging strong relationships within the community and developing a pool of talented individuals that can supplement our in-house team to bring out the best in those we support.

As we never stop growing and changing, it is important that we maintain an up-to-date Getting to Know Me booklet. With your help, the activities scheduled for your loved ones will be as relevant and enjoyable as possible.

I’m very much looking forward to working with all of you.

Activities at our home

Activities are an integral part of life at our care home. We want to ensure that the people we support have as much fun as possible during their time with us, so it’s important that our activities programme is created with the interests of residents in mind. Our skilled Activities Coordinators bring a certain uniqueness to the home that can’t be found anywhere else, and which is reflected in the activities they organise.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Ashlar House Care Home

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Getting The WOW Factor

Ashlar House is undergoing a full refurbishment to give it the WOW factor. From carpets, to lighting, to decoration, to gardening and the creation of a brand new eight bed community, Ashlar House is getting the full works.

The gardens and courtyards are well underway and some of the lounges are coming along too. Although the full works, especially the new community, will take several months to complete; the refurbishment is being undertaken in phases to cause as little disruption to the residents as possible.

We look forward to inviting family, friends and supporters in for a look once the work is complete.

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Performing Pets Visit

We had a fantastic visit from the amazing team at Performing Pets yesterday.

They had beautiful budgies and cuddly rabbits with them for the residents to meet. Residents loved holding the budgies and stoking the rabbits, whilst learning about them too.

Performing Pets will be visiting regularly with different animals each time - they've mentioned puppies for their next visit and possibly reindeer at Christmas. Animal therapy is an important part of life at Ashlar House along with a full activities programme.

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Musical Bingo

Musical bingo is a fun-filled and fast paced take on traditional bingo! Residents are given a bingo card, where traditional bingo numbers have been replaced with song names, music titles or both. 


Easter Monday

We celebrated Easter Monday in a new and engaging way: our Easter piñata was stuffed with Easter goodies and presented to our residents.

This physically and mentally engaging activity resulted in lots of smiles, as many of our residents attempted to free said goodies from the piñata, some even experimenting with sensory-focused exercises by wearing blind folds.

We may have underestimated the resilience of the humble piñata and have elected to recruit our carers to liberate its tightly guarded chocolate innards.

It was a fun a physically entertaining time for all!

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Welcome Back!

On 9th January 2020, we opened our doors to Mayor of Epping to help celebrate the 100th Birthday of Gladys

It was a celebration to look back on fondly, however no one could have predicted at that time that a global pandemic was lurking around the corner that would change our lives so dramatically.

More than a year later and restrictions have lifted to the point that we can cautiously open our doors again and welcome loved ones back to visit.

6th April was the first visit for Gladys since the latest restrictions were introduced, outside of picture sharing, FaceTime and using the visiting suite. It was a truly heartfelt and emotional moment when family members filled the room with joy.

The staff at Ashlar House looked on with pride and emotion and this momentous time.

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Parachutes are Versatile

They can be used for exercising, playing games, and building social teamwork. Adjustments are made whilst sitting in a chair or wheelchair to ensure our residents are comfortable before we begin. This session really got our residents laughing and having so much fun!