Activities at Ashford House Care Home

Here at Ashford House we try to aim to cater to everyone’s hobbies and preferences, nothing is impossible! All our activities are designed to empower our residents helping them complete meaningful activities that stimulate them mentally, physically and emotionally. As well as sticking to 'mainstream' activities that you would normally find in this kind of environment, we aim to step outside the box with our provision. We think this is the best way of creating person-centred activities, as each plan is uniquely crafted around each individual, who are treated with respect and dignity in their choices and supported to take control of how they spend their time.

Enriching life
Watch our video on life enrichment in our homes.

Sheeba Khan

Activities Coordinator

Hi, my name is Sheeba, and I am an Activities Coordinator here at Ashford House.

Having a degree in Fine-Arts and a creative background enables me to plan person-centred activities according to the personalities and tastes of our residents here at Ashford House. I believe and work towards making a positive difference to their day to day life and I can honestly say this is one of the most rewarding jobs. I am really enjoying my role as an Activities Co-Ordinator at Ashford House.

Life-encriching activities booklet

Read our brochure 'Life-enriching activities' for more information about life in our care homes.
Read our brochure

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Ashford House Care Home

Cook Off for Barchester Charitable Foundation

We are proud share our Managing Director, Natasha Lazovic, is taking part in a Charity Cook off for the Barchester Foundation which takes place on the 29th of May.

The event is to raise awareness and funds for Barchester's Charitable Foundation, who do incredible work supporting vulnerable people and helping connect them to their local communities, combating isolation and loneliness.

Natasha will be going head to head in some healthy competition with her colleagues from the other divisions in the company and on the day Natasha will have to cook a main course and a dessert, crafted from her own recipes, which will be judged on creativity and taste by members of Barchester’s Executive Team.

We wish her the very best of luck and if you would like to support Natasha and give to this very worthy charity please use this link

to donate.

Happy 101st Birthday!

Ashford House has celebrated the 101th birthday celebration of Michael, he cannot stop smiling surrounded with other residents who has presented him with a birthday card with personalised message written by themselves. We wish Michael more birthdays to come , thank you team for the fantastic decorations and cake.

Embracing the Sunshine

Our residents at Ashford House truly embraced the sunshine today, singing along and basking in the beautiful outdoors while enjoying live music by Terry Gleed , Moments like these make life truly special!

Dementia Action Week

This week we are celebrating Dementia Action Week.

Our residents came together this afternoon for a heart-warming reminiscing activity to share memories and stories.

Thanks to the generous support of Cadbury UK, we received a delightful surprise memory bar boxes filled with Dairy Milk bars wrapped in designs reflecting Cadbury rich 200-year history.

We sampled the delicious chocolate while watching an exciting virtual event about the incredible history of Cadbury!


Mothers Day

"Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible mothers out there! At Ashford House, every resident is cherished and cared for with the same love and attention we would give to our own mothers. Wishing all our residents and their families a beautiful and joyful day!"

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Creating an Oasis

We have been busy at work transforming our upstairs patio into a tranquil oasis that can be enjoyed by residents and their families

Outside spaces are so important to our health and wellbeing  and we are proud to be able to make such a beautiful one for everyone to enjoy.