Meet our Activities Coordinator, Sheeba Khan

Hi, my name is Sheeba, and I am an Activities Coordinator here at Ashford House.

Having a degree in Fine-Arts and a creative background enables me to plan person-centred activities according to the personalities and tastes of our residents here at Ashford House. I believe and work towards making a positive difference to their day to day life and I can honestly say this is one of the most rewarding jobs. I am really enjoying my role as an Activities Co-Ordinator at Ashford House.

Activities at Ashford House

Here at Ashford House we try to aim to cater to everyone’s hobbies and preferences, nothing is impossible! All our activities are designed to empower our residents helping them complete meaningful activities that stimulate them mentally, physically and emotionally. As well as sticking to 'mainstream' activities that you would normally find in this kind of environment, we aim to step outside the box with our provision. We think this is the best way of creating person-centred activities, as each plan is uniquely crafted around each individual, who are treated with respect and dignity in their choices and supported to take control of how they spend their time.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Ashford House Care Home

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Professionals Breakfast at Ashford House

Ashford House hosted the Professionals Breakfast and invited various professionals to pop in on their way to work for a relaxed breakfast of home-made pastries and bacon sandwiches. They met with our GM Daisy Mingle and the team and took a tour of our beautiful home.

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30 Years of Barchester

Staff and residents at Ashford house celebrated 30 years of Barchester with freshly baked pizzas, cakes and an amazing Afternoon Tea!


Spa Day

They say you look good you feel good. We at Ashford House regularly host Spa experience days where the residents get their hair done and nails manicured to look and feel their best versions.

A visit from our Senior Execs

Ashford house had the pleasure of hosting a visit from our senior executives, it was lovely so see them all!


A visit from the deputy mayor

The Deputy Mayor Denise Saliagopoulos joined us at our Jubilee event. Denise has worked in Ashford house as an Activities Coordinator until last summer and all residents were very happy to see her.


Jubilee Celebrations

The Queen’s platinum Jubilee was celebrated by all at Ashford house. We had live entertainment and food for all.  

Upcoming events

Countdown to Christmas

We have lots of fun, festive activities planned for all of our residents and their families leading up to Christmas. Download a full plan of activities below.