Older adults 'deserve better standards of care'

Older adults 'deserve better standards of care'

Older adults deserve to be given a better standard of care by the health service.

This is according to an editorial published by the Guardian in response to the latest State of Care report released by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

It was noted by the newspaper that health and social care must be integrated to achieve benefits for older adults, while prevention and early intervention requires investment and the individuals who provide care need to be trained and paid properly.

"More and more older people are denied the little bit of help that retains their independence for longer. They, and those who come after them, deserve better," said the news provider.

It added that 400,000 older adults in the UK currently live in 18,000 care homes, with three-quarters of these run privately, rather than by the NHS.

Commenting on the State of Care report, chief executive of the CQC David Bevan stated it is "unacceptable" how some organisations are delivering task-based care, instead of person-centred care.

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