iPads used to monitor MS

iPads used to monitor MS

iPads are being used at the Cleveland Clinic to help to monitor multiple sclerosis (MS) and its symptoms.

The tablet is being attached to the back of individuals with the neurological condition. It provides accurate information on how they walk and their general posture, Medgadget reports.

An add-on rests on top of the screen that enables a person's dexterity to be analysed, thanks to metal pegs, which are moved by the individual when commanded to do so by the therapist. The software in the device then works out the timing of this action. 

Furthermore, the iPad ascertains how well the brain is working based a simple cognitive test, while an eye test looks at low-contrast vision.

The report specified that "reliability, sensitivity and clinical meaning" scores were better compared to those undertaken by technicians. 

Scientists wrote: "The Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test is a potentially transformative approach for collecting MS disability outcome data for patient care and research".

The full findings of this research can be viewed in the Journal of Visualized Experiments.

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