Fate of minister for older people to be decided

Fate of minister for older people to be decided

The fate of the proposals for a minister for older people will be decided this week, as the plans enter the House of Commons.

On Thursday, June 28th ministers will debate and vote on the Backbench Business Committee motion to create an office specifically designed to protect the welfare of the older population of the UK.

The measure is the result of lobbying from the care professionals and a petition signed by 137,000 people.

It is hoped that if the proposals are agreed upon and ultimately pass through parliament, a minister will be appointed to give a political voice to older adults and ensure they get the care and support they need.

This is the result of a barrage of recent stories detailing the indignity that befalls many older patients in the current system and the sub-standard levels of care.

The motion follows in the footsteps of countries such as Ireland and Canada, which already have such specialised ministers in their parliament.

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